Jyotish (The Science of Light) is also known as Vedic Astrology in the West. This is an ancient astrology, that has roots in Hindu culture, that has endured as an integral and familiar part of daily life in modern-day India. In recent decades, Vedic astrology has become increasingly familiar to the West alongside of its related Indian sister-sciences of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Sanskrit. This wonderful astrology is deeply revealing and solidly practical.

 Jyotish has six specific branches; the most widely known and requested is known as Jataka, or the interpretation of a person’s natal birth chart. This birth astrology reveals in depth information about every area of life. Vedic astrology is an eloquent tool for understanding one’s larger life direction, personal strengths and significant life lessons. Solid predictive timing techniques make Jyotish a dynamic, living system that clearly describes the always-changing cycles of daily life.

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