Consultations and Services:

At this time my appointment schedule is temporarily closed. Please check back here in the months ahead as to when the schedule has re-opened. Thank you.

Natal Birth Chart: In a first time reading, we normally look at many areas of life, which includes the predominant traits and strengths and timing of your birth chart in overview, as well as your current and upcoming astrological influences. Your living reality, present concerns and the astrological influences that are most striking and relevant at a given time greatly guide our consultation.

A Birth Chart Reading may also include:

Compatibility: the comparing of two birth charts, which can include one’s partners, family members, co-workers, children, etc. A very general 'snap-shot' compatibility can be included within a general consultation, while detailed compatibility assessment is suited to its own separate appointment.

Location Analysis: finding the best places for living based on Vedic astrological principles of birth chart interpretation can be included within a general consultation. Location analysis that is more involved, such as for several family members is suited to its own appointment.

Birth Chart Rectification: the finding of an unknown birth time through the study of important life events. In Vedic astrology, the accuracy of the birth time is of great importance. If you do not know your exact birth time, please read the document here about this process of finding your time of birth:  On the Importance of the Birth Time.


How to arrange an appointment:

Please make contact with me by Email (at I can then answer your general questions, address the more specific details of our session, and will suggest several appointment days and times.
You are welcome to send in advance a bit of background information about the areas of life that are your main focus or concern for this session, or several questions that are presently relevant. This is helpful for directing the advance preparation work that takes place on your chart before we talk, and also for making the most constructive use of our session time.

In your e-mail, please include this information:

-Your first and last name (whatever you call yourself).

-Your birth data: your full date, place, and time of birth. Also, tell me the source of your birth time (birth certificate or hospital record, mother's memory, etc.). In this system the accuracy of the birth time is highly important. As a standard part of a first-time appointment, after an initial look at your birth chart I will follow up with a request to collect several dates of important objective life events (for example the date of a work change or a major move) to confirm the birth time and the recorded minutes .

- Your general daytime availability, and also the location/time zone where you will be when we talk.

-Your contact phone number.

For first-time appointments, my scheduling availability can range anywhere between a minimum of a week to several weeks, so please plan accordingly. Sometimes it takes me a few days to reply to your e-mail, your patience is most appreciated.


A first-time client appointment is 75 minutes and the fee is $170.
A follow-up 75 minute appointment is $145.

Birth-time rectification: If your exact time of birth is uncertain, but within a possible window of two hours or less, this service is included as part of a first time full consultation. Otherwise, please contact me for details and fees as they relate to your specific birth-time situation.

Payment can be through PayPal, or mailed as a check. If you wish to use a credit card, this can be done through PayPal. (I will e-mail you the invoice that allows you to complete this transaction securely whether or not you have a PayPal account). For first-time clients, I ask that payment is received before our appointment day.

Other general information:

Appointments take place either via Zoom, or by phone.

If you are not familiar with Zoom, this is a secure and free conferencing software that is easy to use and it allows for screen-sharing. It is necessary for you to download this program or app before our appointment, and I would e-mail you the invitation that would allow you to join our meeting before our scheduled appointment time :

By phone: I will send you in advance a phone number within your own North American region or your own country where you can call me using your phone. (For this call on my side I use Zoom audio).

An MP3 recording of our session is sent to you by e-mail at no additional charge and a copy of your birth chart is e-mailed to you as a PDF by e-mail before our appointment day.


If you have any general questions about these services, please e-mail me.