July 2019 Vedic Astrology Forecast

Tuesday, July 2:
The New Moon takes place today at 3:15PM EDT in sidereal Gemini in the lunar mansion of Ardra Nakshatra. This New Moon brings the first of two eclipses this month. Today a total solar eclipse will take place, which will be visible in Chile and Argentina, while much of South America will see a partial solar eclipse. This eclipse will begin at 12:55PM and end at 5:50PM EDT and the time of maximum eclipse is at 3:22PM EDT.
As a heightened influence that amplifies human action-for better or worse, eclipses are inwardly transformative periods, ideal for intensified spiritual practices, worship and charitable actions. For most practical endeavors, eclipses are inauspicious and disruptive, most especially so within its path of most visibility, where its destabilizing effects can impact an area within up to several months. In general, the period of 3 days on either side of the eclipse is best avoided for new beginnings of major worldly importance (such as starting a new job, making major purchases or moving into a home).
The planetary influences at the time of the New Moon indicate overall trends for the next 30 days. On this New Moon, the Moon’s lunar mansion of Ardra Nakshatra is a key consideration. Symbolized as a tear-drop, Ardra is a constellation of intense emotion and feeling, and it has meanings of the transformation and purification that follow a storm. The planetary ruler of Ardra Nakshatra is the eclipse-creating lunar North Node known as Rahu, considered a malefic, and in this chart joins with the Sun and Moon. Saturn, another powerful malefic planetary influence, casts a powerful exact planetary aspect onto Rahu from 180 degrees away, where today Saturn is exactly joined with sharp and fiery Ketu, the opposite end of the nodal axis, and these influences remain very close together for all of July.
For the individual, this combination of factors may make for a healing month that comes as outcome of a deep churning-up experience. This healing crisis may take a great many number of possible forms, but Mercury as the ruler of the Moon sign of Gemini offers a clue. In this chart Mercury is in the 2nd house within close degree with Mars who is debilitated in Cancer. The 2nd house rules food, the things that one ingests and also one’s words and the fundamental quality of all of these things. It is also one of the material houses of basic resources. This house also rules one’s family of origin, and alongside of this, today’s Ardra Nakshatra is a star that has an especially strong need for independence and freedom from questionable family conditioning or tradition.
In summary, dietary changes may be a consideration this month, either through active conscious choice, or where circumstances require it. A healing crisis may also take the form of communications and conversations, and Mars in the 2nd house here gives an element of potential impulsiveness or severity or control-issues, that may benefit from reflection before speaking. Rahu’s pervasive role is likely to give a drive towards greater personal autonomy. Also, Jupiter in the 6th house of healing offers a life-affirming and ultimately positive underpinning to a healing experience that at times may feel profound yet deeply unsettling.

 Sunday, July 7:
As of today, a total of three planets are retrograde for all of July: Mercury turns retrograde today until August 1st, while Jupiter and Saturn have been retrograde already since this past April. (Jupiter will go direct on August 10th, and Saturn will go direct on September 18th). This month’s atmosphere of much planetary retrogression may be most readily suited to activities that involve an element of re-assessment, such as sharpening up skills that were initially learned at an earlier time, focusing on re-structuring and re-organizing projects, or re-connecting with people from one’s past.

 Friday, July 12:
The Moon will pass through its weakened monthly low-point of debilitation in early sidereal Scorpio this morning, where the time of its deepest debilitation will be at 5:50AM EDT. This is a low-energy day that is well suited to an unhurried and simple schedule.

Tuesday, July 16 is Guru Poornima (in both North America and in India):
This Full Moon in sidereal Sagittarius in the lunar mansion of Uttara Ashadha marks Guru Poornima, a day held as especially dear for lovingly honoring one’s beloved spiritual teacher. The enlivening and illuminating Moon at its most full encourages heartfelt devotion, naturally making this a time to connect with the guides who unshakably hold up a clear mirror and point the way from the unreal to the Real. Guru Poornima takes place yearly on the Full Moon in the Indian lunar month of Ashadh (usually in July).
The Full moon (Poornima) takes place at 17:37PM EDT in sidereal Sagittarius in Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra.
Also today, there will be a partial lunar eclipse that will be visible on land in varying degrees in much of the world. Regions that will see at least some parts of this eclipse: Much of Europe, Much of Asia, Australia, Africa, South/East North America, South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antarctica.
This eclipse will start at 2:43PM EDT and will end at 8:17PM EDT, with the time of maximum eclipse at 5:30PM EDT.
In general, the period of 3 days on either side of the eclipse is best avoided for new beginnings of major worldly importance (such as starting a new job, making major purchases or moving into a home).
Also today the Sun enters sidereal Cancer, where new beginnings of practical worldly importance are traditionally avoided on days of solar ingress.

Wednesday, July 31:
In the month of July, a second New Moon will take place late tonight at 11:11PM EDT in sidereal Cancer in Pushya Nakshatra.
Considered to be a uniquely auspicious lunar mansion, Pushya Nakshatra is a star whose impulse is to create, uplift and nurture, most especially in regard to spiritual wisdom. The Vedic deity associated with this nakshatra is Brihaspati, who is the preceptor to the other gods, and a regent of Jupiter. The influences at the time of New Moon give an indication of themes that will characterize the next 30 days, where Pushya’s influence bestows an underpinning of constructive and compassionate motivation.

Jupiter Enters Scorpio in October 2018:

This month Jupiter the Great Benefic planet changes signs on Thursday, October 11, 2018 to enter sidereal Scorpio until November 4, 2019. As the planet of abundance, wisdom, and overall blessings, the house that coincides with the sign of Scorpio in one's individual birth chart receives a gracious planetary boost for the next one year. To offer a general overview as to how Jupiter's transit may play out for each rising sign (ascendant), please read on. If you don’t know your Vedic ascendant (a primary consideration), then you can instead read from your Vedic Sun sign, since this functions as an alternate ascendant that is especially revealing of one’s public life, profession as well as physical health. In Vedic astrology, the Ascendant, Sun and Moon signs all provide interrelating layers of important information. Remember that Vedic astrology uses the sidereal Zodiac that is based on the backdrop of the fixed stars, instead of the western Tropical zodiac that is based on the seasons.

The dates of the Vedic Sun sign are here as follows (approximately, give or take a day or so depending on your exact birth year):

April 13- May 13 (Aries)

May 14 – June 13 (Taurus)

June 14 – July 15 (Gemini)

July 16 – August 15 (Cancer)

August 16 – September 15 (Leo)

September 16-October 15 (Virgo)

October 16 –November 14 (Libra)

November 15 – December 14 (Scorpio)

December 15 – January 12 (Sagittarius)

January 13 – February 11 (Capricorn)

February 12 – March 13 (Aquarius)

March 14 – April 12 (Pisces)


ARIES: Jupiter's transit through the deeply transformative yet intense 8th house may bring gains that come from unusual or secret sources like inheritance or receiving gifts with complex strings attached. There may be radical acts of free-thinking independence, and secretive or possibly controversial interests (like in shamanism, the occult or psychic development). As the house of the sub-conscious mind, this 8th house transit may also give an attraction to psychotherapy or unearthing the very roots of what makes one tick.

TAURUS: Jupiter's transit through the 7th house of romantic relationship and marriage encourages a love-interest commitment or may bring clearer discernment and more sensitivity in relationship, and this transit may improve the life situation of one's spouse in various ways. This is also a house of general one-to-one partnership, where this transit encourages business partnership and colleagues. For those who work intimately with others in fields such as counseling or other one-to-one therapeutic work, this transit encourages healing potential for clients and patients, as well as encourages natural suitability with them.

GEMINI: Jupiter's transit takes place through the 6th house of service work, daily habits, tests of endurance and efforts to improve one’s station in life. This influence may bring uniquely fitting opportunities to be of caring service to others and new capacity to face life’s challenges with patience, enthusiasm and compassion for all. Those in healing, health care or social work professions may especially benefit professionally from this transit. There may be the welcome reversal of a nagging life situation or chronic health condition that is born out of new steadfast resolve to overcome unproductive tendencies, as this transit encourages fresh and welcome understanding of the smaller daily routines or attitudes that have shaped a bigger life situation.

CANCER: Jupiter's transit through the expansive 5th house of creativity, intellect and devotion may motivate one to be a student for the love of it. As a primary house of poorva punya or 'past-life merit', this transit encourages the expression of unique and uncanny creative gifts that may have been cultivated over lifetimes. This is also the house of children, where Jupiter's transit may support fertility, benefit one's young ones or enhance one's relationship with them. It is also a house of financial speculation, which may give an opportunity or desire to invest money in stocks or other forms of taking a gamble.

LEO: Jupiter’s transit through the 4th house of one's environment, land, home (and other fixed assets) as well as vehicle related matters may bring changes in this area in the form of a possible move, gain, or significant home improvements. Among one's other family members, this transit is over the house of one’s mother, where either this person’s life situation or the relationship with her may undergo a transformation.

VIRGO: Jupiter through the 3rd house of short travels, uprooting and enterprising energy may take one to new locations on trips, and give one the opportunity and personal drive to learn a new set of practical skills, especially those that involve manual technique, such as playing musical instruments or painting. Also, this may be a good transit for those who are writers, and also for those in technology professions this transit may be professionally fortunate. Among various family members, this transit may also generally benefit one's siblings (especially those younger).

LIBRA: Jupiter rules the 2nd house, whose various meanings include speech, food and money. This transit encourages more eloquent and conscious communication, fitting improvements to one's diet, nicer personal belongings, and the inspired building of prosperity. The 2nd house also governs ancient wisdom that was originally passed down verbally, where one may become committed to studying a subject that has a strong sense of lineage and tradition. With the house of speech empowered, there may be a natural tendency to speak up freely with greater clarity and discernment.

SCORPIO: Jupiter's transit over the 1st house of the physical self imparts stronger personal autonomy and direction, and this transit may increase overall vitality, help stabilize a health condition, support enthusiasm, confidence, and impart a deeper maturity and a clearer sense of individuality. The 1st house represents the chart’s owner and is a microcosm of the whole chart, so this transit may be beneficial in numerous ways.

For those with the Moon in Scorpio: while this transiting effect might seem quite counter-intuitive, the transit of Jupiter over the house of the natal Moon itself is one of the fewer instances where this is actually regarded as one of the less-favorable transiting placements of Jupiter.

SAGITTARIUS: Jupiter's transit takes place over the 12th house that governs places of retreat or seclusion, foreign travel, the ego’s death, and expenditures of all kinds. This may bring necessary and desirable endings, bring financial spending under control through simplification, and may give a needed and deeply meaningful stepping away from the main-stream world. Those who work in fields that involve hospitals, monasteries, spas, or regular foreign travel may especially benefit professionally from this transit. Since Jupiter governs the 4th house of residence for this ascendant, this transit gives a higher probability of a move or travel.

CAPRICORN: Jupiter's transit over the abundant 11th house of gains and wealth, and friends and community brings more potential to feel more socially connected, to be drawn to big group projects, and to fulfill one's strongest worldly desires. For those in non-profit fields who receive professional endowments and financial grants this transit may be especially helpful. This is the house of one's older sibling, where this family member also receives overall benefit from this transit, which may improve the relationship with them of this person’s life situation.

AQUARIUS: Jupiter's transit through the 10th house of profession and public life is likely to breathe new life and opportunity as well as creativity into one's work life, bring more luck to interactions with the general public, more protection to one’s reputation, and may bring new avenues for professional networking and promotion. This is a year to step into greater personal authority. Also, since Jupiter governs the financial 2nd house for this ascendant, there may be a pay-raise at work, or the start of receiving incoming for a work project.

PISCES: Jupiter's transit through the 9th house of wisdom, ethics, higher education, pilgrimage, teachers, and general Grace encourages noble undertakings motivated by a sense of dharma (or one's most innately suitable path of right action). This transit facilitates greater proximity to spiritual teachers or clarity around spiritual practice. Also, for those working in fields of higher education, this transit may be especially professionally favorable. Among one's family members, the 9th house governs one's father, where he may generally benefit this year, or this relationship becomes more significant.