A Selection of Articles by Tamiko:

Planetary Points in the Game of LIfe: An Introduction to Ashtakavarga, an Illuminating Point System of Vedic Astrology  (The Mountain Astrologer Magazine August/September 2014)

The Nakshatras in Daily Astrology: Does Today's Star Have Roots or Wings?
(The Mountain Astrologer Magazine, April-May 2011.)

The Astrology of Relationships: A Conversation Between Astrologers Tamiko Fischer and Linda Johnsen.
(L.A. Yoga Magazine, March 2009.)

We Are All Made of Stars: Elements of Jyotish the Science of Light.
(L.A. Yoga Magazine, October 2008.)

Jyotish for Ayurvedic Consultations: Some Considerations.
(Light on Ayurveda Journal of Health, Fall 2008.)

Health and Disease of the Heart: Kalapurusha and the Curious Role of the Third House.
(Dr. K.S. Charak’s Vedic Astrology Magazine, January-February 2007.)

Saturn’s Transit through the 3rd Drekkana of a Sign: A Short Research.
(K.N. Rao’s Journal of Astrology Winter, 2006.)