In Vedic philosophy, a person’s life is viewed as an interplay and fulfillment of four main goals of life, termed Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha:

Dharma translates loosely as life purpose, individual right action and ethics;

Artha as wealth and material stability;

Kama as physical enjoyment, emotional fulfillment and affection;

Moksha translates as spiritual liberation (or the cessation of a distorted perception of reality).

The birth chart vividly reveals how these four primary impulses find meaning, expression and timing in a person’s life.

While Vedic astrology is known for its predictive strengths it also recognizes the interplay of both fate and free will. Along with the interpretation of the birth chart, Vedic astrologers will traditionally suggest remedies to balance the effects of difficult planetary influences. Remedies are often in the form of specific lifestyle suggestions and practices. The self-understanding that Jyotish offers often serves as a primary remedy in and of itself.